Local Counsel Services

We regularly provide local counsel services to law firms that do not have Indiana offices. Our particular focus is on intellectual property cases before the federal courts located in Indiana. Our attorneys have years of experience handling intellectual property matters and are well-positioned to assist with both the procedural and substantive aspects of such disputes. While the main focus of our firm’s practice is intellectual property, we are also experienced with litigating other business disputes.

As we are experienced with the local counsel role, we are sensitive to your existing client relationships and can be as involved in the litigation as you and the client need us to be. Our involvement can be as limited as assisting with the pro hac vice admission process or providing occasional advice on local procedural rules or substantive law. Alternatively, our involvement can be as broad as acting as co-counsel and assisting with all aspects of strategizing and litigating your trademark, patent, or copyright lawsuit. In other words, we can structure the local counsel relationship to suit your specific needs.

Because we are a small firm, we offer very competitive rates for our market. This is particularly true given the years of experience that each of our attorneys possesses.

For further information, please contact Brad Stohry.